Biographie von Dieter Kreuzhof

51 Jahre alt, verheiratet mit Melanie Marie Kreuzhof - Fotografin, Malerin

3 Kinder:
Martial Kreuzhof - Musiker, Tontechniker
Kevin Osenau - Regisseur, Schauspieler
Charline Kreuzhof - unser Engelchen

Werdegang: Taugenichts, Musiker, Unternehmer, Privatier, Texter, Skulpteur, Mediator......mal schauen, was da noch kommt


Close to the darkness lies fire and light.
And silent mornigs come after the nights
full of pain, fear and sorrows.
I was freezing, t´was cold.
Now the daylight renews and the dark becomes old.

The desert is empty, just sand, stones and snakes,
the night here is cold, so cold that it shakes.
A little bit of rain and the flowers could grow
fast as a flash. All the colours they´ll show.

The sun brings the life and the sun it can kill.
Fear doesn´t count now, cause life ever will
survive without ending, no matter what comes.
Unchain your dreams cause life´s just begun.

Dreaming of love and the wounds that may heal,
my soul´s coming up from the caves so unreal.
Caves of abuse and of crime and of prison,
caves I coundn´t leave. Just in dreams I was risen
to the sunlight, the life, broke my chains
gettig out.
Yes my dreams, they survived with my soul;
now I´m proud.

Desert is rough, but the sand is so soft
Nights are so cold, but the sun is so hot
Scare is so dark, but the hope never lies
Dreams in the desert – your soul never dies.

lyrics: Dieter Kreuzhof
music: Martial & Dieter Kreuzhof